Don't let your marketing team tangled with web hosting technology complexities.

Millpond - Managed WordPress Hosting

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Marketing and Web Teams are working directly on mission critical WordPress websites? Not a good idea!!

  • Problem #1

    Though WordPress is most trusted CMS, there are plenty of plugins which can badly hurt the performance or even can completely bring down the website by corrupting data. Therefore, working directly on production site should be completely restricted.

  • Problem #2

    Even if we have a separate development WordpPress website, migration to the production site, every time we make changes, is time consuming as well as error prone.

    Frequent manual migrations means - large development cycles as well as increased development cost.

  • Problem #3

    Most WordPress hostings are offering generic infrastructure for hosting. Mission critical websites require mission critical server infrastructure and techniques. In recent times, there have been lots of emphasis on content distribution, caching, media services and advanced security techniques in modern web development.

Millpond is exclusive, managed WordPress hosting with unique features.


Servers fine tuned for WordPress.

Regional hosting for low latency.

Exclusive hosting - server is not shared with other clients.

Automatic security upgrades to keep system healthy and secured.

Supersonic Migrations

Our proprietary migration technology enables your marketing team to migrate the latest content from development to production server immediately in few seconds with almost zero downtime.


Advance malware detection

Server health monitoring, logs and alerts

Firewall secured

Backups, Snapshots and Single Click Restoration

Apart from regular daily backups, there is facility of taking snapshot of your website. Snapshots are manual backup with tags. Your development team can take a snapshot and tag it for particular event. Later they can restore website from any tagged snapshot. Restoration from tagged snapshot is lightning fast in comparison to regular backup. Tagged snapshots are useful in scenarios where your development team quickly wants to restore website for any specific event. You can have maximum 10 snapshots per website.

Ease of Access

Create multiple HTTP and FTP Users. Make staging website private using basic http authentication easily

24/7 Support

Exclusive hosting cannot be given without exclusive support. Reach us any time through phone, email or twitter.


Our technology expertise and dedication to support justifies our premium pricing for exclusive hosting. Currently we have three pricings - $100, $200 and $300 per month. On contacting, our customer support will get in touch with you and understand your requirements and accordingly suggest the appropriate plan for you. You will get a 10% discount on taking annual subscription.

SSL Support - $10 per month

CDN Support- $10 per month for 100GB traffic using MaxCDN

There is no extra charge for multi-site WordPress installation.

Bonus for RealtyKonnect customers

 Close integration of your WordPress site with our mobile platform. Single sign-on between RealtyKonnect and WordPress.

 Our special plugins to push WordPress content to mobile app which can be seen natively on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

 Additional 10% discount on yearly subscription.